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What is Travel Insurance

This might not be a bad idea.

Jon Courchaine- Published 1-31-2023

Broker- Owner Aloe Health Insurance

Have you started planning your spring break getaway yet. Many people have and Travel Insurance may be something to check out if you are planning a substantial stay away.

I personally don't sell Travel Insurance but wanted to share some of my findings.

When I think of travel Insurance I think about getting a refund on my plane tickets or getting my deposit back on a condo. Turns out there is much more to think about.

Injury or Sickness

Your health insurance, in most cases does not cover expenses over seas. Not going over Seas? Still check out what your Health Insurance covers. You may need Travel insurance to supplement the broken arm you get wrecking your golf-cart on the way to the beach.

Lost Luggage

Flying home from Christmas this year we were caught in a major airline crisis. When we finally got flying again we saw hundreds of bags stacked in terminals. All those poor people.

Last Minute Cancellations

Most Vacations destinations only cover a percentage of your investment to be returned.

Is Travel Insurance Expensive

Travel Insurance cost is Primarily based on the price of the trip and your age

Hopefully you don't need it, but may be something to look into if you are taking a once in a lifetime Dream Trip. Safe Travels Everyone!

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