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Affordable Group Health Insurance

Group Health Insurance Costs continue to Rise But did you know.....

Jonathan Courchaine- Published 2-19-23

Owner- Aloe Health Insurance

With rising costs every year it's time to start looking at new options. When I talk to business owners they often question my ability to beat the cost of their current group plan. With an ICHRA you pick the amount you want to reimburse towards your employees Health Plan.

These Arrangements are incredibly simple and Stabilize the cost of your company's Group Health Insurance. There are several things that need to be decided before putting this plan into action but its a clean easy process. The Employee submits a claim to the plan administrator, Usually a secretary. The claim gets approved and the employee gets reimbursed up to the agreed upon arrangement. That is It! No more annual renewals and price increases. Your employees also now have the ability to customize their Health Insurance rather than getting a take it or leave it plan picked by the company.

If you are sick of dealing with Health Insurance and rising costs every year give us a call. Give your employees a "say" in their coverage.

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