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Brushing up on Customer Relations

Jonathan Courchaine- Published 02/06/23

Owner- Aloe Health Insurance

Your customers are the most important asset you have as a business owner, so it's good to give the customers experience as much attention as the product or service you have perfected. Working on and recognizing these three differences have helped me a great deal!

Customer experience is the impression your customer has on your company as a whole. They may be happy about the kindness of the customer representative. They may be super satisfied with the product they purchased. A customer's experience cannot be tied to one specific event but all events as a whole. No matter what it is, customer experience is important.

Customer Service is the advice or experience a company gives to its customer. This happens in the form of a call or a problem they are having. Consisting of a single event, Customer service is usually the value of your experience displayed to your client.

Customer Care is probably the most important aspect of having a well rounded company. Building an emotional bond with a client is why we enjoy our jobs. There is no better way to grow a company than building earned trust and true friendships with your clients.

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