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Artificial Intelligence in Health

Could Artificial Intelligence be the next big thing in Health Care?

Jon Courchaine - Published 01/30/2023

Broker- Owner Aloe Health Insurance

AI or Artificial Intelligence is growing faster than you think. In the 1960's computers were first considered to be something of use in the health care field. The amount of medical information stored in computers for the past 60 years is mind boggling. What to do with all this information?

This information is "Un-Structured" information, and there is a-lot of it. Developments in artificial Intelligence started to advance when they found a way to turn Un-Structured information into Structured information. Structured information has a solution, an answer or Patterns.

Microsoft is Granting money to groups of research Partners to advance the field of AI

What the future holds with AI? AI will be able to recognize patterns and predict the outcome so preventative measures are executed quickly. Efficiency in the Healthcare system will be optimized, lowering Healthcare costs and eliminating low value services.

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