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Apple Health Insurance

The mega Tech Company Apple is planning on unveiling its newest product. Coming in 2024 is Apple Health Insurance.

Jon Courchaine - Published 01/29/2023

Owner- Aloe Health Insurance

A whopping 21% of the world's population owns an Apple product of some kind. Apple is now turning its products into medical devices of sorts. The Apple "Health App" can store a patient's medical history. Health service providers can create care apps for their patients to be monitored.

The amount of possibilities is endless. Transfer this massive data collection into Health Insurance and they will have a "Leg up" upon entering this field.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the next "big thing" when it comes to Health Care. Microsoft is heavily invested and running studies on how AI can change Lives with Health Care. So look for a shift, the Mega Tech Health era is about to begin.

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