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2022 Hospital Bill Averages

What should I expect if I end up in the Hospital

Jon Courchaine

Owner- Aloe Health Insurance

Published 2/2/22

Its true Health Related costs are expensive. How expensive are they right now? I hope anyone reading has not visited the hospital recently, but here are some average statistics collected from last year.

  • 2022 Hospital admissions- reported 33,356,853

  • Reported from the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality the average overnight stay cost $14,900

  • Average cost of three-day hospital stay $30,000

With the rising cost of Health care its important to have the right health insurance plan in place. Insurance companies have the power to negotiate the price of treatment. That is why it is important to have large reputable companies to support you.

I wish you all a Happy and Healthy 2023!

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