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Lowcounrty Wellness Center

Dr. Penni Vachon, APRN and her team at Lowcountry Wellness Center work hard to help their patients manage their health so they can improve their quality of life. Some of the ways they do this is by being actively involved in their patients care and treatments. Direct Primary Care allows your PCP to focus on improved access to healthcare using a holistic and integrative treatment plan.


Our team at Lowcountry Wellness Center believes in a root cause approach to obtaining and maintaining optimal health and wellness. This is done by looking at the bigger picture and thinking outside of the box using an integrative model.

1941 Savage Road, Suite 100E
Charleston, SC 29407

Direct Primary Care Comprehensive Plan/
Aetna PPO : This bundled plan includes benefits listed below

From infants through adulthood membership in our DPC covers everything from checkups to an annual comprehensive physical (including basic fasting labs & an ECG if needed), women's health (not including cost of pathology for PAP/HPV), obesity management, chronic disease management and mental health. 


Members have expedited care for sick/urgent visits, 24/7 access to your Nurse Practitioner, UNLIMITED office visits, discounted labs, discounted prescriptions, discounted in-office procedures.


Members also receive discounted IV nutrition therapy, injection therapy (joint injections, trigger point injections, etc.), nutritional injections (vitamin B12, vitamin D, etc.), and discounted aesthetic services.

Annual Comprehensive Physical

Women's Health Exam (not including cost of pathology for PAP/HPV)

Basic Annual Fasting Labs

ECG (if needed)

Obesity Management

Chronic Disease Management

Mental Health

Unlimited Visits

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